What is your business, and what do you do?

The Cornerstone Collective is a full-service real estate company that helps clients through transitional stages + enables them to build wealth. I help clients with everything from finding properties, contract negotiations, selling their home, building an investment portfolio, utilizing unique sales/marketing strategies, and beyond. I look at every purchase or sale as an investment to be protected for my clients. I love the challenge and huge honor that comes with helping buyers and sellers meet their real estate goals. I also appreciate that real estate transactions come with a lot of emotions, stress, and questions. We dig into their why. Why are they making this choice? How can I help them bridge the gap from here to their next phase? What communication and support do they need for their situation? I pride myself on being extremely approachable, clear, and helpful in stressful times.

Core Values –

  • Perspective + Gratitude  – I have been blessed in this business – to have amazing clients,  and the opportunity to connect and collaborate with some of the best people in Des Moines, There is an abundance of opportunity in this business and life in general. I choose to approach every challenge as an opportunity to serve.
  • Discipline – If you’re always doing things with integrity, not everything comes easy in business. Looking out for my clients best interests means that we are always working to protect them and ensure a sound investment. This means putting in a lot of work on every transaction, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • Communication – There is so much of this business that is an unknown, especially if our clients haven’t been involved in a real estate transaction in a while. I check in with clients constantly – making sure that they are fully aware of what is coming next. Being aware and prepared is the only way to be when dealing with a large transaction.
  • Accountability – Knowing the market, the numbers, and how to intentionally spend my time helps to create the best client experience. I fully expect clients to have an exceptional experience, and staying accountable ensures that is possible.
  • Continuous Learning + Creativity – There is always something new happening in real estate. I believe that being tied into the right networks to always know what is coming next is key. I believe that personal development leads to being a better resource for clients professionally. I’m constantly seeking additional knowledge to better serve clients and deliver new + unique value that will best position them for their goals.

I offer free consultations for anyone looking to dive into their personal situation relative to buying, selling, building, or investing in real estate.

The Cornerstone Collective.

Cornerstone Collective is in our third year in business. It has been such a wonderful journey, starting from nothing to being at a point that we have helped 37 families. That is such a blessing. I love the technical side of real estate – negotiations, running financials, keeping tabs on the market, developing new marketing tactics, etc – but the people you meet, the impact you have, and the friendships your build are what makes it the best career.

What sparked your interest in becoming a small business owner?

I have always loved the accountability that comes with owning a small business. Your livelihood depends on the work you do. There is little red tape to deal with, so you can take action with little resistance. This can be overwhelming initially, but there is something so exciting about knowing that you can take your business in any direction you desire. You can have an impact on every move you make. I take extreme pride and responsibility in that fact that every time I pick up my phone, show a home, or enter a listing appointment I have the ability to change a families understanding, next steps, or circumstances based on how I approach it and the value I bring to the table.

What gap does your business fill?

EDUCATION. My clients are always empowered to know more. Whether it’s teaching first-time buyers basic financial literacy concepts, talking cash flows and cap rates with potential investors, helping a seller realize when and where to position there home in an ever-changing market, or helping clients building a home navigate all things plans and specs, education is key. I empower them to learn through all phases of buying, selling, building, and investing in real estate. If they want to be more hands off – I’ll quiet down and just get the deal done, but I love empowering clients to know more about the process and be better prepared for future steps in life, as a result. I think of real estate as a consulting gig. Each and every client is different, we all have a vastly different array of life situations, and I believe that I excel at meeting the client where they are at in life, and helping them transition to the next phase.

What do you enjoy most about operating a business in the Des Moines metro?

There is an abundance of value everywhere you look + you get a majority of what you ask for. That sounds too simple, but it really is simple. It’s not easy, it takes work to become the brand and person you want to be in this community, but it is simple to make the connections. I have found that the beautiful thing about Des Moines is that you will get to the place you want to be by vocalizing what you want, putting in the work to genuinely support others, and being a resource. Des Moines is one of the best places for collaboration and connection. You just have to ask.

What is the best business-related advice you’ve received?

Have alignment time: block it out + create space + cut out distractions. I try to start each day with a few hours that are completely mine. It’s easier said than done, but it is so essential to making sure that I am being true to my why and serving my clients well. There are times that I fall into the trap of waking up to emails, my to-do list, comparison, or social distractions, but I love when I’m well aligned. When I intentionally start each day with my ‘why’, I can be at my best with clients.

What tip do you have for other women in business?

“A satisfied client is the best business strategy of all”. I truly believe the minute you take your eyes off of client experience, you’ve lost. So many people are stuck in the scarcity mindset (trust me – I’ve been there at times too), but there is always an abundance of business. I’ve found that when I’m constantly giving my current clients top not service and loving on my past clients, the rest just works itself out. Lead generation, marketing, systems, etc are great to fill in the gap and streamline processes, but sometimes I give them too much weight of my time – that’s when I lose the passion. I am a realtor because I love to help people through stressful life phases. The more I tune into that, the better.

Be Vulnerable. Don’t be afraid to be transparent with your clients, peers, and other business owners. Don’t be afraid to associate yourself with your brand. The more I have learned into my own struggles and successes, the more connected I am with others. All we are really craving is the sense that we are being heard, seen, understood, and that we matter. That starts with being vulnerable in our own struggles and letting others know we are always there to help with theirs.

Romanticize YOUR life. That cup of coffee you just ordered? — it is going to be the best one you’ve ever had. The client meeting you’re walking into? — they’re going to be your favorite people to work with all year. The dinner date with your girlfriends? — it’s going to be the best time to reconnect and lift one another up. That new networking group? — you’re going to make some of the most profound connections. When I lean into finding joy and romanticizing all the little things, that’s when I’m really loving life.