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For Sellers

Deciding to Sell-

    • Ask a realtor to come to take a look at your home. They will be able to help you determine where to price your home based on comparable properties and the current/upcoming market.
    • Get a timeline established when you’d like to sell. Many different factors can affect what our home will sell for/how quickly:
      • Market situation (real estate and financial – interest rates, loan programs offered, etc)
      • Location of the home
      • Preparing/staging your home for great photos
      • Time of year/weather
      • Number and condition of comparable properties listed
      • Condition of your home  
    • Know your current mortgage balance(s), so that you realtor can run an estimate of proceeds (what you will make when you sell).

Updating Your Home- fix-up less attractive parts of your home to sell for more. Ask your realtor what fixes would be worthwhile in selling YOUR home:

    • Paint – choose a neutral color and keep it consistent through the home. Keep in mind that lighter walls will make smaller spaces feel larger.
    • Replace flooring – hardwoods, LVP, carpet, etc
    • Kitchens – replacing appliances/cabinets/counters can have large returns
    • Baths – floors, fixtures, and lights pay off. If tub surrounds, doors or other fixtures in the bathroom are dirty or outdated, it may be worthwhile to replace them.
    • Outdated styles – wood paneling, brass fixtures, popcorn ceilings, wallpaper, patterned valances, bright contrasting colors, etc. Say goodbye to anything that feels outdated or obnoxious. Buyers want to see a clean slate!

Preparing for Photos/Showings- Once you have set a timeline to list and have made any necessary updates, you are much closer to being ready to get your home listed!! Before photos and listing your home – complete our seller photo prep to-do list! – could also make this a blog page as well.

  • CURB APPEAL – The exterior is the first impression buyers will have of your home. Make sure it is clean, well landscaped (or well shoveled and de-iced in the winter). Mow, plant flowers, clean gutters out, and pressure wash that siding if needed!
  • FRONT DOOR FOCAL POINT – Buyers will likely be looking at multiple homes at once. I can’t tell you how many times buyers refer to homes as the one with the ‘red door’, ‘blue door’, etc. Consider a fresh coat of paint on the door or some modern numbers for your address. Throw a new welcome mat on the front porch to top it off!
  • DE-CLUTTER – Take EVERYTHING off your counters. Once you think you’ve done enough, take off more, put away more. Ideally, the surfaces in your home should have only one to a few pieces of decor. Otherwise, they should be a blank slate for buyers to make their own
  • TAKE DOWN FAMILY/SENTIMENTAL ITEMS – Allow the buyers to visualize their own sentiment with the home. You want the buyers to imagine themselves in the home, not see it as your family’s
  • CLEAN – To buyers, how clean you keep your space is a direct reflection of how well you have maintained your home over the years. Dust, sweep, clean the floors, bathrooms, walls, organize cabinets, etc. Basically, get in all those spots you clean out once a year (if that) and get busy making your home squeaky, sparkly clean! Don’t forget ceiling fans! They know how to collect some dust!
  • ORGANIZE CLOSETS/DRAWERS – Cluttered closets make buyers feel like the home doesn’t have ample storage space. Put that idea to bed, with de-cluttered closets.
  • ELIMINATE ODORS – If there are odors in the home, open up the windows to bring in the fresh air, light a candle or bake some cookies prior to showings/open houses, or consider painting/and odor eliminating service if need be.
  • BRING IN FRESHNESS – Fresh fruits in a bowl, fresh florals, a fresh pop of color in your decor, etc.  All these items help buyers feel welcome as well as stimulating their senses in a positive way!
  • PETS AREN’T ALWAYS A POSITIVE – You probably see your pets as part of the family. Some buyers won’t. Even if they love pets themselves, they don’t want to imagine others’ pets in their future home. If you have pets it’s best to stow away the litter boxes, toys, food, treats, food bowls, etc. Take your pets out of the home during showings as well. Again, we are going for a home that is a clean slate for potential buyers.

Selling Your Home QUICKLY + for TOP DOLLAR

Have a realtor you trust on your side working for YOUR best interests – they will help you make a to-do list of repairs/renovations to get your home ready to sell, help you stage and prepare your home for photos that will get buyers through the door, negotiate for the best outcome on the initial offer and inspection, handle all paperwork, title, abstracting, etc to make sure that your home has clear title, and a smooth, ON TIME closing process. If you hire the RIGHT realtor, your selling process will be smooth, low-stress, and FUN!